Norman George“If reincarnation is possible, then George is Poe”
Boston Globe

Edgar Allan Poe lives! AproPoe Productions schedules U.S. and foreign stage and broadcast performances of Norman George in “Poe Alone, “The Raven and the Dove, and residency lectures on Poe Onstage.

Norman George played the title roles in A&E Network’s Biography: The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe,” in Wendell Cordtz’s Death of Edgar Poe, in WNYE-TV’s Edgar Allan Poe and His Cottage, and he has portrayed the character in educational films and television and radio documentaries in the United States and Canada. His “La Périchole: New English Libretto” premiered with the Sarasota Opera in 1984; “The Raven and the Dove: A Romance” in Providence in 1987.

Norman George as Edgar Allan Poe