A&E; Biography:
The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe. (Documentary)
Greystone Communications. Narrated by Peter Graves.
Director: Noah Morowitz. Color, 50 mins. 1994.

Poe’s Greatest Hits. (2-CD Set)
Logofon L948CD.
Audio intros by Jordan Rich. Producer: Robert Webb.
140 mins. 2001.

Edgar Allan Poe: Architect of Dreams. (Documentary)
Viewfinder Films. Hosted by Dave Smith. Director: Jean Mudge.
Color, 30 mins. 1991.

Video Field Trips: The Haunts of Edgar Allan Poe. (Educational)
ProServ Television/Master Teacher. Writer: John Jeffries Russell.
Color, 30 mins. 1987.

Ideas: A Stop in Baltimore. (Radio Docudrama)
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Hosted by Lister Sinclair. Writer/Director: Seth Feldman. 120 mins. 1991.

Bronx Places and Faces:
Edgar Allan Poe and His Cottage. (Educational)
WNYE-TV, New York. With Michael Julius. Director: Bill Beirne.
Color, 30 mins. 1986.

The Death of Edgar Poe. (Stage Play)
The Stanford Group. With Richard Spore and Jessica Litwak. Playwright/Director: Wendell Cordtz. New York. 1986.

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