Mere technical acting? No. In one of the best one-man shows Ive ever seen, Norman George truly became Edgar Allan Poe. George has captured the look of Poe beautifully. The achievement of [his] performance is that he makes you want to know more. His exciting, magnetic performance gives a sample that may bring new readers to Poe.
Providence Journal-Bulletin

A love of literature is alive in Boston, at least for the 700 who decided that they would head for the Old South Meeting House to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Edgar Allan Poe. Norman George was outstanding in his portrayal of the author in Poe Alone. George, who has made a career of playing Poe, looked so much like the author that his mere appearance was enough to arouse applause.
Boston Globe

Poe scholars who have seen him say Mr. George is the nearest thing to Poe in the flesh.
New York Times

Edgar Allan Poe was only 40 when he died. Yet he is the most widely known and widely translated of American authors. Norman George brought home to us why this is so. We were introduced not to a Halloween mask, but to the very soul of a poet.
Eastern Shore News

One does not need to believe in reincarnation to sense that the moment Mr. George enters the stage the audience is in the presence of Edgar Allan Poe himself…. Mr. Georges delivery of The Bells was musically lyrical…. Annabel Lee spinetingling… [his] reading of Cholera was exemplary.
Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror

Norman George is as meticulous in his preparation as a Kabuki actor.
At moments, in particular during his recitation of The Bells and The Raven,
his performance is transcendent.
Patrick Swanson, Director, The Revels

The definitive Poe actor. [Georges] recitation of The Bells is an outstanding tour-de-force.
Dwight Thomas, Co-Author, The Poe Log

When I heard him the first time, I received a delightful shock. Since that time,
Ive felt Poes emotion and seen Poes images as [George] recited.
Agnes Bondurant Marcuson, Author, Poes Richmond

The lights came up amid thunderous applause. Norman Georges act was
nothing short of genius.
Rutgers University Daily Targum

The house is still ringing with applause!
New American Theater

[George] is an actors actor. [His] show is absolutely seamless.
Shay Duffin, Actor

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